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Service Providers continue to struggle with disruption in the sector. Ever-changing customer demands, new smart devices and innovative services are just a few indicators of the ongoing change. The industry’s transformation is the new reality and to succeed, telecoms need a stronger advantage.


We have invested and continue to invest heavily in building know-how for cutting-edge technology solutions that could help our customers overcome the disruption in the sector and use it as an advantage rather than a threat. We have designed, built and operated most of the key networks on the local market and we are confident we know how to move your telecom business forward.



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We understand the business of our service provider customers and we constantly invest in our people to be on the top of the new technologies. This combination give us opportunity to help our customers to be leader on the markets by offering and running uninterrupted and innovative services.


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“Telelink Business Services was the absolutely right choice for our IT advisor. We have a long technical relationship with them and especially successful project for implementation of a new MPBN network in VIVACOM started in 2015 and still ongoing which ensures the handling of all challenges with traffic and complexity growth.”

Boris Nazarov Vivacom

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“We’ve worked with TBS for more than 12 years and trust their team to meet our IT needs. TBS has provided high quality services, helping our business to move forward.”

Mr. Shekerletov, Director Global Applications ContourGlobal

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“We always receive our quotes very quickly. Given the dynamics in our sector, this is very important for us.”

Yordanka Georgieva TELUS International Europe

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“Digital transformation is crucial to the growth of “Isobar Commerce”. With the help of Telelink Business Services, we have achieved outstanding results. TBS has been an indispensable partner in helping us progress on our digital journey.”

Stanislav Radkov Isobar Commerce

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“The team and staff have been an asset partner to ContourGlobal. Their knowledge and support of any system or process we give them has demonstrated that our choice in having them as a partner was a valuable add.”

Mr. Bree, Head of Global Infrastructure ContourGlobal

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“Time and time again, the Telelink Business Services team has been the go-to IT advisor for us. We are very impressed by their dedication and their professionalism. Our cooperation is essential for our business and we see TBS as a strategic long-term partner.”

Angel Gramatikov Dynata

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“TBS’s response time is quite fast and quotes are very detailed and clearly structured. They have coverage across EU which is also important for us and their scope of products is also wide enough to cover almost all our IT needs. They are very supportive with all additional questions that arise from our side.”

Rayna Vodenicharova Concentrix

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“Highly experienced engineers with great energy and eager to help. I’m quite satisfied with the service.”

Georgi Ribarski Progress Software

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“We would like to express our satisfaction from the professional and highly qualified team of Telelink Business Services. Our cooperation and established partnership give us the ground to recommend them as a loyal and reliable partner.“

Venelin Dimitrov Softgroup

Service Provider



Orhan Osmanov

Director Service Provider Solutions

As Service Providers Director, Orhan Osmanov is responsible for leading the business development, new opportunities, and the delivery of projects, as well as for the R&D and quality assurance activities. 

His love for Networking started in 1999 as the first student of the first Cisco CCNA Academy in Bulgaria and in 2016, and he reached the highest level of Cisco Certification in two different technology areas: CCIE Routing and Switching and CCIE Service Provider. 

After earning his degree in Computer Science, he worked as Networking and Systems Engineer in system integrators and ISPs. His management journey began with Kapsch Carrier Com in 2007, where he was Head of IP/MPLS Competence Center. There, he led a multinational team of highly capable engineers, working closely with Service Providers, Telecoms and National Railways (GSM-R). He has more than 20 years of experience in the area of Telecommunication and Services on managerial roles.

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Our team of experts is always striving to be at the front of the technology wave.





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  • 6xCCIE R&S
  • 3xCCIE Service Provider
  • 1xCCIE Security and 1xCCIE Collaboration
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  • 40xCCNA R&S
  • 7xCCNA Security
  • 2xCCNA Collaboration
  • 3xCCNA Data Center
  • 2xCCNA Service Provider
  • 2xCCNA Wireless
  • 10xCCDA
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VMware Certified Professional

  • Network Virtualization
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  • 20xCCNP R&S
  • 3xCCNP Collaboration
  • 3xCCNP Data Center
  • 2xCCNP Security
  • 7xCCDP

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