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Autonomous Water Consumption and Loss Tracking at Water Utility Troyan

Since 2019 Water Utility Troyan started deploying our Water Consumption and Loss Tracking solution, currently monitoring more than 3 000 subscribers and counting.

This enabled the utility to increase the percentage of revenue water (through up-to-date billing and early water loss detection), free up employees’ time (as they do not have to visit subscribers and manually read water meters), and gain full control of the water supply system (due to strict monitoring).

The Challenge

  • Water consumption tracking requires manual inspection of water meters, which is laborious and expensive, leading to constantly rising operational costs
    • Consumption data is incorrect as collectors cannot physically check all meters, which leads to out-of-date information, incorrect water bills, and (at times) disputes with users over bills.
      • The existing walk-by system provides unsatisfactory results due to constant failures and data inconsistencies. 

       The Solution

      • Deployment of 4 500 Remote Water Meter Readers, connected to standard pulse water meters from different brands and types (DMA entry, service pipe, individual).
      • LoRaWAN network for remote data transmission.
      • International coverage without compromise on quality 
      • Cloud-based next-generation SCADA platform used to manage all subscribers city-wide, track and quantify revenue water and non-revenue water, get real-time alarms for outlier events, export consumption data for billing.

      The Result

      • 100% reporting of all subscribers (even when they are not at home, or the water meter is in a shaft)
      • Water loss reduction up to 20%
      • 15% – 25% revenue increase
      • 7 500 EUR saved per year per water inspector
      • Complete management control