Transparent governance for sustainable business

General Policy

Telelink Business Services declares its commitment and engagement to guarantee the quality of the products provided and to fulfill the requirements of the provided services in accordance with the requirements of the customers, information security and data privacy, environmental protection, health, and safety of company employees.

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Anti-corruption Policy

Telelink Business Services shows zero tolerance toward corruption, violations of the principles of fair competition and other breaches of the law. We are committed to ethical business practices, and we expect our employees and the employees of our partners to conduct business with high ethical standards and in compliance with the law.

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Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

Our Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct establishes moral norms and standards of conduct for our employees in accordance with corporate principles such as legality, professionalism, confidentiality, teamwork, responsibility, and accountability, mutual respect, respect for personal dignity and exchange of knowledge.

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Speak up Policy

Our company is committed to demonstrate open and accountable management and to conduct its business with honesty and integrity and upholding the highest standards in order to protect the interests of its employees and business associates, and the community in which we operate. We give the opportunity to our employees and business associates to use our Speak Up channel and to report violations of rules, laws and ethical norms.

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GDPR Policy

As an administrator and processor of personal data, Telelink Business Services has implemented rules for accessing and processing personal data by employees. Our employees realize their responsibility for security and protection of the personal data they have access to.

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Data Subjects Rights Policy

Telelink Business Services respects the rights of the subjects of personal data. The company has developed and implemented rules to perform its activities in accordance with personal date protection regulations.

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Risk Management Policy

Telelink Business Services embraces the concept of the Risk-Based Thinking and incorporate the risk management process in the decision-making process at all operational levels. Our risk management system provides the Company with a holistic approach to management of risks, apply preventive measures, control and corrective actions, which provide a mechanism for continuous improvement of the Company’s processes.

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Responsible Marketing & Sales Policy

At Telelink Business Services we prioritize responsible marketing and sales. Our commitment to transparency, integrity, and customer well-being guides every interaction. Through clear communication, privacy protection, and customer education, we aim to build lasting relationships based on trust. Our sales approach focuses on understanding customer needs and providing tailored solutions, avoiding aggressive tactics. Actively seeking and incorporating customer feedback, we contribute to a marketplace defined by fairness, respect, and overall satisfaction.

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