Equality, Diversity, Inclusion

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Telelink Business Services aspires to be role models and act in the interest of our company and stakeholders. Recognizing social, economic, and environmental responsibilities to stakeholders, Telelink Business Services aims to demonstrate these responsibilities through its actions and within corporate policies.

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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Telelink Business Services is committed to create and maintain culture of inclusion and diversity in the organization and to spread it everywhere it operates. The company provides equal opportunities to its employees, no matter of race, nationality, ethnicity, citizenship, gender, sexual orientation, religion, education, age, political affiliation, marital status, personal and social status. All kind of discrimination is prohibited.

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Occupational Health and Safety Policy

The most important for Telelink Business Services is people in the company, their wellbeing and healthy work environment to be assured.

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Human Rights Policy

Telelink Business Services is committed to fully respect fundamental human rights of its employees, its supply chain employees and of all other humans in the areas where it operates.

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