13 available positions in 4 locations

Authentic in everything we do

● We openly express our thoughts and ideas.
● No hidden agenda can ever be part of our work.
● We do not judge the difference.
● In our work and relationship, we make no use of double standards.
● We admit our mistakes and share them, so we can all learn from them.

Meritocracy. Individual opportunity and reward based on merit.

● We recognize people based on merit, not titles.
● We promote and reward people based on objective achievements.
● We highly value what is done, not what is said.
● Everyone is responsible for their growth and development.

Be ready to walk the extra mile to do things right. If it is to be, it’s up to me.

● We offer our clients what is best forthem, not what’s best for us.
● We make things work, until they work.
● We are personally responsible.
● We are self driven.
● To issues we react with solutions, not excuses.

Hard work and pursue for ever higher goals. Continuous improvement.

● Feedback is a gift.
● Every new project or task is an opportunity to learn and improve.
● We set ourselves big, audacious goals.
● We are curious.
● We share knowledge.

Drive and commitment to energize, engage and inspire others.

● We are driven by logic and an indepth understanding of our work.
● We pursue projects which are reasonable step forwards.
● We experiment.
● We challenge the status quo.
● We argue constructively.

Swim upstream, challenge conventional wisdom.

● We are driven by logic and an in depth understanding of our work.
● We search for and find unconventional.
● ways to solve problems.
● We experiment with new things.
● We challenge the status quo.
● We argue constructively.

Open Positions

We look for

The Successful

Those who not only care
but take care

The Learners

Those who are eager to
explore their full potential

The Challengers

Those who are willing to
thoughtfully disagree

The Genuine

Those who express themselves respectfully and crave authenticity

Bulgaria, Sofia
Slovenia, Ljubljana
Serbia, Belgrade
Montenegro, Podgorica
North Macedonia, Skopije
Albania, Tirana
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Novi Grad
Bulgaria, Sofia