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Modern cloud technology is the key enabler for companies to deliver products and services faster, efficiently, at a lower cost and in alignment with today’s customer’s expectations.


Harness the full power of the cloud to build, scale and future-proof your operations.

Cloud adoption opens doors to new capabilities such as more computing power, more bandwidth, better connectivity and accessibility, real-time processing without making investments in entirely new infrastructure.

Although moving to a cloud environment or modernising an existing one can be a complex task that requires the right combination of strategy, technology and skills set.

With Telelink Business Services you do not have to do this on your own. We will guide your organisation through every step of the cloud transformation.



Elasticity and Scalability 

You can always tailor IT to fit your business demand, spinning up new cloud instances when necessary and reducing them as needed. 

Lower Cost for Innovation 

The company shifts from a capital to an operational expense model. No upfront investments in infrastructure are needed and the company only pays for what actually uses (or intend to use). 

Increased Efficiency 

The cloud offers many solutions that increase performance (new equipment can be provisioned without extensive configuration efforts) and reliability of IT infrastructure (cloud platform providers ensure that the IT services are highly available). 

Better Security 

Cloud platforms can also provide you with robust security measures such as baked-in authentication, access control, and encryption to name some. By automating backups, the cloud also offers increased disaster recovery capabilities. 

Key Technologies

Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud 
  • Cloud Strategy and Consultancy
  • Cloud Migration
  • Cloud Management and Optimisation
  • Cloud Governance
  • Cloud Security  

How do we deliver?

01. Evaluation 

We start with a comprehensive analysis of the business needs and objectives, assess the existing IT environment and app dependencies to determine the most appropriate apps and data to migrate to the cloud. At this stage, we will answer the questions about what to move and when to move it. As an output, we will develop a cloud strategy and a business case for the move. 

02. Design

The engineering team will define the workloads to be migrated and design the cloud environment/ network topology. This step is critical as a proper cloud design ensures not only the necessary level of performance and scalability, but also it is mandatory to keep cloud costs and the economically efficient levels. 

03. Migration

In this phase technical experts lay the foundation of setting up the cloud environment and subscriptions using best practices for security, connectivity, policies, and general governance, seamlessly migrating apps and workloads with zero data loss and near-zero downtime.  

04. Management & Optimization 

This is where we can help you to leverage the full benefits of migrating to the cloud. Upon agreement, we can perform ongoing governance, policy management, capacity and resource planning, cost optimisation. 

Why engage with Telelink Business Services?

We apply a holistic approach to the workplace of tomorrow, and we are ideally placed to help you embrace the very latest cloud-based collaboration & productivity technologies.

We understand your challenges and the way your business is running. We will dedicate a team of seasoned experts to solve your specific problems and get the most out of your IT investments.

We offer long-term support and advice for your IT needs, and we pride ourselves on getting to the heart of problems quickly and efficiently.

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Harness the full power of the cloud to build, scale and future-proof your operations.

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