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Digital transformation is the ultimate goal of every modern organization. It requires a solid foundation – a reliable, secure, and seamless networking infrastructure that allows high-speed and low-latency communication.
Telelink Business Services started it’s business journey as a system integrator focused on networking, covering all its aspects and fluctuations. Our extensive knowledge bridges every existing network structure – physical or virtual, on-prem or in the cloud, local or wide.
Designing, building, and covering networks in over 30 countries for hundreds of customers, we continuously enrich our portfolio, aiming to provide optimized services.

How do we deliver?

01. Dedicated Team

Every assessment requires various qualifications from our experts. All projects are assigned to a dedicated team of professionals.

02. Requirements Validation

To find the best and most valuable solutions for the infrastructure we re-validate customer expectations grounding our solutions on information gathered during the pre-sales phase.

03. Tailormade Design

We design, prepare, and architect suitable infrastructure according to your business needs.

04. Implementation

Detailed implementation plan is the fundament of our journey ensuring full sync of the process.

05. Execution and Testing

Finalizing the project we develop execution excellence through continuous testing procedures.

06. Support

In accordance with our engagement we offer extensive implementation support followed by regular support.

Key Technologies

Access Networking

– Local Area Networking (switching)
– Wireless Local Area Networking (Wi-Fi)
– SD-Access
– IoT Networking

Wide Area Networking

– Virtual Private Networks

Data Center Networking

– DC Switching
– DC Interconnecting
– Software Defined Networking
– Traffic Load-balancing

Network Security

– Firewalls
– Next-Generation Firewalls
– Network Access Control
– DDoS protection
– Web Application Firewalls
– API Firewalls
– DNS Security
– IoT Secuirty

Why engage with Telelink Business Services

Multi-customer experience

Facing multiple challenges with different customers grounds flexibility and agility transforming it into our greatest asset.

Broad vendor and technology expertise

Agile ability to grant suitable solutions in all aspects of IT infrastructure.

Dedicated roles and teams

Right expertise is dedicated to match project necessities.

Customer Engagement

Pursuing full-scope customer engagement through long-term relationships, enabling our customers to actively participate in all project stages.

Trusted Business Advisors

Tech architects and consistent advisors simplifying network complexity, focusing on in-depth understanding of customers’ specific needs and requirements.

Our values front the work process

Genuine, constantly challenging the status quo we live up to our values continuously striving to walk the extra mile.

Boyan Sotirov, Director Enterprise Connectivity Technology

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Design next-generation network protecting the communication flow, availability, and data integrity.

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