Terms of Use

General Terms

These General Terms and Conditions shall arrange the relations with the Users of the website of the Telelink Business Services Group AD joint stock company.
Please, read carefully these GTC before using the website of Telelink Business Services Group AD. These GTC represent an AGREEMENT between you and Telelink Business Services Group AD, which entitle you to use the services of the website on condition you observe the below referred terms and conditions.
Each person, hereinafter referred to as „user“, who has been given access to the website with address: https://www.tbs.tech/, hereinafter referred to as „website“ and the information and services in it, hereinafter referred to as „content“, proposed by Telelink Business Services Group AD, agrees and accepts the below referred General terms of use of this website.
The user of this website undertakes to comply to these GTC and all provisions of the Bulgarian and international laws. If the user does not agree with the GTC, (s)he shall forthwith terminate use of the website. The provider is not liable if the user has not considered these general terms.

Basic terms

Within the framework of of these GTC, the below terms will have the following meaning
“USER” is any natural person, using any of the services of the website of Telelink Business Services Group AD.
“PARTNER” is any person, with whom Telelink Business Services Group AD has contractual relations and on whose behalf Telelink Business Services Group AD is entitled to provide additional information about his goods/ services to registered Users of the website, who have given their consent to this.
„Hyperlink” is a link on the company website that allows automated referral to another website, information resource, or site through standardized protocols.
The “Website” is the Company’s website, which is a separate place on the WAN, accessible via its HTTP or HTTPS Unified URL (URL) and contains files, programs, text, sound, picture, image, electronic links, or other materials and resources.
„IP address” is a unique identifier that associates a device, website, or user resource in a way that allows they to be located on the WAN.
“Information System” means a device or system of connected devices that or any of which is intended to store, send or receive electronic documents.
“Server” means a device or system of connected devices, on which or on any of which system software is installed to perform tasks in connection with data storage, processing, reception or transmission.

Genres terms and conditions for use of the website

The User is entitled to use this website, the information and materials contained in it solely for authorized purposes, without affecting the rights of thirds and limiting their the access to this website.
The use of the website is upon initiative, at the discretion of and on the account of the the User, observing the restrictions of the Copyrights and Related Rights Act in favour of the copyright holder – Telelink Business Services Group AD or a third party.
The User shall not:
Modify, copy, reproduce (wholly pr partially), publish, send (in any way), lease, sell, create derivatives, based on the content on the Website, use for commercial purposes or distribute in any other way any element of the content of this website without the prior written permission of Telelink Business Services Group AD.
Misuse the website or its content (including, but not limited to, sending or transmitting materials with threatening, false, misleading, abusive, offensive, distorting, defamatory, obscene or other illegal content or any materials that constitute or incite conduct that may be qualified as a crime, lead to civil or criminal liability or otherwise violate the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria).
Expressly forbidden is the use of any software or devices in any way for the purpose of access and mass copying / downloading the content of the website.
Use of the website to gain unauthorized access to other computer and information systems or networks.
In view to the regular addition and update of the Services, their improvement and extension, as well as with regard to possible legislative changes that affect them, the Company may unilaterally change these General Terms and Conditions. Such change may also be made in the case of a change in the type, nature or technology of the provided Services, in case of termination of the provision of certain Services, and in case of a change in economic conditions.
When the Company makes changes to the Terms and Conditions, it shall bring them to the attention of the users by posting them on the Website. The company provides the Users with a two-week period to familiarize themselves with the changes in the General Terms and Conditions, after which they enter into force.

Limitation of the liability

The full content of the Website is provided “as is”. Telelink Business Services Group AD has taken all necessary measures to ensure the accuracy, truthfulness and completeness of the information on the website, as well as that there is no misleading information on it.
The Company is not liable for the non-provision of services in circumstances beyond its reasonable control – in cases of force majeure, accidental events, problems on the global Internet and in the provision of services beyond the control of the company, problems due to USER’s equipment, as well as in case of unauthorized access or intervention of third parties in the functioning of the company information system or servers.
The use of the Website, as well as the actions taken by the User as a result, are the sole responsibility of the User.
Telelink Business Services Group AD, its employees, managers, suppliers, or other third parties, mentioned on or involved in the creation of this website, shall not be liable under no circumstances for any damages (including, but not limited to, direct, indirect, punitive, special, incidental, caused, consequential damages, lost profit, loss of information or interruption of business or other) caused in any other way, related to or arising from the use, inability to used or lack of access to the website or the material posted on it, as well as the use of it or other websites to which this website refers, as well as to other materials, information, products or services contained in any of these websites, regardless of the reason and the absence of a warning of possible harm and even when Telelink Business Services Group AD had been notified of the likelihood of such damage.
In cases other than those specified herein, the liability of Telelink Business Services Group AD is limited to the maximum extent permitted by the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria.
Use of this Website may result in User charges, such as Internet connection delivery charges, mobile Internet access and similar. Telelink Business Services Group AD does not owe the User any amount in connection with any cost related to the use of this website.


The Website may have hyperlinks to third-party websites, sources or advertisers. The provider does not monitor these links on the website as they are provided only for the convenience of users.
By using the links, the User is aware that (s)he is leaving this website. Telelink Business Services Group AD is not responsible for the access to these external websites, as well as for their content, completeness, relevance, accuracy and usefulness of information, advertisements, products or other materials, made available on or through them. Tellink Business Services Group AD is not responsible for the privacy policy or security of these websites. Their use is the sole responsibility of the User. The Users should submit their claims to the administrator or webmaster of the respective external website.
Third-party links to the Website are permissible provided they are made in the appropriate context. If you need clarification on the ability to link to a page on this website on your web site, please contact us.


Telelink Business Services Group AD adheres to the highest standards of personal data protection, complying with applicable legislation in the field, including taking the necessary measures in connection with Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (the “General Regulation”), in force since 25 May 2018. To ensure adherence to and compliance with the General Regulation when providing the Services, these texts, and the Company’s Privacy Policy, are binding on users when using the Services.
Telelink Business Services Group AD is not liable for the personal identifiable information that the User discloses to other websites by using the links to them located on the website.
The information provided by the User when visiting this website is used to respond to inquiries, to improve the website, to contact users, for marketing and information purposes, to accept requests and to render services to Users, etc. During the visit to the website, the Provider receives information about the number of visitors, the IP address of the User, the date and time of the visit, the source of the request and other data that he may use for the purposes of his internal statistics and system administration.
Telelink Business Services Group AD is entitled to change the privacy policy as well as the General Terms of Use of the website at any time. It is the responsibility of the User to follow the content and the changes that have occurred in it. The date of the last update of this page is noted at the beginning of the terms of use of the website.

Termination of the agreement

Except in the cases, provided for in these General Terms and Conditions, the agreement between the parties shall be terminated also in the event of any of the following circumstances:
dissolution of the Company.
termination of maintenance of the website;
In the event of termination of the Agreement, the company shall not be liable for any damages or loss of profit of the USERIA or third parties, resulting from the suspension of USER’s access to the Website and / or the Company, as well as in result from provision of information or execution orders to the competent public authorities.


Written or electronic statements and communications provided for in these General Terms and Conditions shall be considered validly executed if they are made in the form of a letter, sent with return receipt, faxed, e-mailed, or via pressing the virtual button on the website and the like, insofar as the statement is recorded technically in a way that can be reproduced.
Accepting these General Terms and Conditions and concluding an agreement with each other, the parties agree to consider the electronic statements made between them as received with their receipt in the information system specified by the addressee, without the need of explicit acknowledgement. In the event that the user specified an invalid e-mail box, the statement will be considered received by sending it by the company, even if it has not been received.
The parties agree that if any clause of these GTC becomes invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the agreement as a whole or its other clauses. The invalid clause shall be replaced by the statutory rules of law or the established practice.
For all issues not regulated herein, the provisions of the Bulgarian laws will be applied.
All disputes and controversies, arising between the parties, shall be settled in amicable way through negotiations. If the parties fail to come to agreement, all disputes, arising under the agreement or related to it, including related to its interpretation, invalidity, performance or termination, as well as filling gaps in the agreement or its adaptation to newly occurred circumstances, shall be finally settled by the competent Bulgarian court – Sofia.