Information Security

We build and maintain a secure digital environment – on-premise and in the cloud adopting the right solutions and practices to confidently face the cyberthreats of today and tomorrow

Leverage existing IT risks

Information security is a set of risk reduction tools and methodologies in an ecosystem where risks are notoriously difficult to measure

New vulnerabilities are constantly being detected and attacks are being made across the global network. The tools and approaches used by malicious actors are becoming more complex, but at the same time, they are easier to use, and they work faster. 

To tackle these cybersecurity threats, it is necessary to use heterogeneous cybersecurity solutions, ensuring constant monitoring, correlation, and analysis of the behavior of information technologies and systems. 

Such solutions, if they were to be built in an organization, would require considerable investment, resources, and time to be successfully implemented and fully used. 

We leverage existing IT risk management frameworks, develop well-defined feedback mechanisms, and gain increased support and visibility for the client. 

How do we deliver

1 Defining requirements

We need to understand customer needs to find the best and most valuable solutions for their infrastructure and users.
Based on provided information and discussions with customer representatives we can prepare high level design and sizing for a solution that can satisfy the defined requirements.

2 Implementation phase  

Smooth integration and optimized result of the suggested solution is reached by close client discussions.
We provide continuous knowledge transfer and share available resources while strictly following approved project plan.

3 Acceptance tests & support 

Finalizing the implementation project comes with proving that solution is fully functional and meets customer requirements.
Due to successful acceptance tests, the project enters it’s last phase – support and consultancy for additional added value and meeting new customer requirements.  

4 Feedback

Feedback and continuous improvement of our services are grounded on relevant client’s evaluation and our passion to participate in complex implementations through new technology.

We leverage existing IT risk management frameworks, developing well-defined feedback mechanisms

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