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Combinatorial IT solutions – Telelink Busines Services’s strongest asset   

Every year the IT industry identifies a variety of technology trends with the potential to change the global business direction.  

The vast tech range includes everything from basic choices of hardware to space and immersive-reality technologies. Their significance should not be distinguished from one another, thus each one is valuable and has a powerful impact on its own. A visible success booster within the IT industry comes when a company manages to sync solutions from multiple trends making them work together and creating new capabilities. This business strategy, to harmoniously combine technologies, is and has always been Telelink’s strongest asset.   

Growth is elusive. Knowing that we not only stay alert with our partners’ products, but we add value by outlining additional knowledge and service to complement our client’s overall experience and completely cover their needs. The architecture of solutions may be our main focus, but we also see ourselves as an assistant that simplifies the tech process regardless of it’s structure and complexity.   


The times are always challenging   


“Times are challenging!”  echoes in the IT atmosphere. True! But let’s not forget that times are always challenging in the dynamics of this ever-changing industry. Looking the other way, claiming that the difficulties we face are unique is a losing concept.   

We don’t bet on individual trends, ramping up sole talent, but rather combine existing technologies leading us to new heights, exciting projects, and satisfied clients.    

In most aspects, across all sectors, Telelink is active in blending different solutions leading to winning new business possibilities. Because of the extensive array of combinations, the ability to merge tech solutions becomes a clear path to business growth.   

Consider a request from a client for a full-scope cloud strategy. What is our role? We consolidate edge storage, compute and SAN, finishing with viral orchestration. All those products are a mix produced by different vendors but complied with any specific needs. Our combinatorial IT solutions in any project include maximized autonomy and connectivity intelligence.   


The paths leading to proficiency   


Proficiency has many faces, dimensions, and routes to be explored.   

To us, the paths leading to proficiency are growth, sustainability, and integrity. Their advantages don’t always pull in the same direction. Thankfully, we manage to see powerful reinforcing among them. Many may broadly agree on this aspiration, but one tough question remains sneaking in the background: What is the formula that delivers our business growth? Besides the ability to harmoniously offer combinatorial solutions, we’ve put our soul into simplicity. We simplify complex IT structures for all our clients. We know that in some cases, that is not enough. Therefore, stepping further to brighter, modern perspectives besides the traditional outputs, we upgrade by accelerating sustainability, incubating cleantech and sustainability-related technologies in our corporate vision.   


  Author: Telelink Business Services Marketing and Communication Department