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Digitizing Bulgarian Education – The Digital Backpack


The “Digital Backpack” not only digitalizes the Bulgarian educational system but also provides a unified, integrated platform that is tailored to meet the diverse needs of teachers, students, and parents. It ensures secure, scalable, and streamlined access to a wealth of digital content and functionalities, thereby fostering an interactive, collaborative, and innovative educational environment. This significant step towards digitalization enhances the accessibility and quality of educational resources and services, promoting a more engaging and effective learning and teaching experience.


In the realm of education, the digital transformation has become essential, especially in managing and delivering educational content and services to a vast array of users including students, teachers, and parents. Telelink Business Services EAD, as a part of consortium for “Digital Backpack,” has ventured into creating a unified platform for the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science, aiming to seamlessly transition physical educational activities into a digital environment.


The “Digital Backpack” platform is envisaged as a centralized educational hub, offering acconts to 1,000,000 students and their parents, along with 100,000 teachers and educational experts. The challenge lies in not only digitizing educational content and activities but also ensuring the platform is scalable, secure, and integrates effectively with third-party systems, thereby providing a single point of access to various educational resources and functionalities.


The developed solution, “Digital Backpack,” is an innovative Unified Electronic System for Educational Services and Content, meticulously crafted to meet the specific needs of the Bulgarian educational ecosystem. It provides a plethora of functionalities, such as the creation and publication of digital educational content, access to a systematized knowledge base, schedule tracking, virtual meetings, digital class books, homework assignments and tracking, and access to e-tex books, among others. The platform is built using the latest technology and best practices, ensuring scalability, security, and comprehensive user support.


Unified Educational Platform: A single, centralized hub that caters to students,
parents, teachers, and educational experts, streamlining access to digital educational
content and services.

Enhanced Accessibility and Collaboration: The platform enables users to create, publish, and access a wide array of digital educational content, fostering
a collabortive and interactive learning environment.

Scalability and Integration: Utilizing cloud services, the platform ensures scalability
and integrates with large-scale third-party systems, providing a single access point to
various information sources.

Security and Support: Robust security monitoring and management protect the
platform from unregulated access, while comprehensive training and help desk support
ensure smooth user experiences.

Promotion of Creativity: Teachers are empowered to create modern and engaging lessons, which can be shared nationally, thereby enriching the knowledge database.

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