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ECHO -Telelinks contribution in EU’s powerful cybersecurity consortium 

The project is an effective multi-stakeholder and multidomain collaboration financed by the European Commission, under Horizon 2020 research and innovation program. 

The consortium, led by the Royal Military Academy of Belgium, consisted of 46 (32 + 14) partners from 20 different member states. Telelink had the privilege to partner and work with some of the most knowledgeable expern the cybersecurity at NAVAL Group, Telefonica, Laurea, RHEA Group, Telespazio (a Leonardo & THALES company), Bulgarian Defense Institute and more. 

Telelink Business Services approach: Actively contributing during the development phase of some key aspects of the ECHO Cyber-range platform and Early Warning System with its DevOps capabilities, together with RHEA Group, VisionSpace and more. Additionally, Telelink Business Services led the future-looking task of inter-sector roadmap development within ECHO Early Warning system.  

The prototypes designed within the roadmap paved the way forward by bridging the gap between the Chief Information Security Officers’ responsibilities and the AI-based technologies that could alleviate them. Moreover, as a result a new project was developed and awarded by the European Commission in the end of 2023. The project called DYNAMO is currently in implementation and will introduce a set of software tools for AI-empowered Chief Information Security Officer functions. The project consortium is led by Fraunhofer Institute and Telelink Business Services has an active role in it. 

The knowledge gained within ECHO and DYNAMO projects enhances our ASOC and cybersecurity capabilities even further. Telelink Business Services reaffirms its commitment to exploring and actively developing suitable resilience models in the field of cybersecurity will continue, transforming our knowledge into various software prototypes, and other innovations.