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License Management

National Educational Software


The developed license management solution not only facilitated the secure and efficient distribution and management of Microsoft Office and Windows licenses to various personas within the education sector nationwide, but also ensured the integrity and security of the licenses. With its scalable architecture, the platform is poised to manage even larger distributions, potentially on a global scale, ensuring that licenses are distributed, accessed, and used in a secure and compliant manner.


In collaboration with the Ministry of Education (Bulgaria), a project was undertaken to provide Microsoft Office and Windows licenses to various roles within the educational sector across the nation. The challenge was not only to distribute these licenses but also to manage and maintain them in a secure and efficient manner, ensuring that each individual received the appropriate license for their role and that license integrity was preserved.


The project involved distributing and managing Microsoft software licenses for a wide range of personas within the education sector, including students, teachers, and school directors, on a nation-wide scale. The complexity arose in ensuring that licenses were adequately distributed, maintained, and secured against fraudulent activities, while also being scalable to potentially larger, even global, distributions in the future.


A robust license management solution was developed to facilitate the management and maintenance of a vast number of licenses. This platform ensured that licenses were automatically provisioned, securely stored, and shared with the respective personas in an orderly and secure manner. Furthermore, it provided the necessary access restrictions and security levels to maintain license integrity and minimize fraudulent activities.


Effective License Management: The platform enables the management of a vast number of licenses, ensuring that they are provisioned and stored securely and efficiently.

Secure Distribution: By ensuring that each persona receives only the necessary license for their role, the solution maintains the integrity and security of the license distribution process.

Scalability: The platform is capable of managing a substantial number of licenses and can be easily scaled to accommodate larger distributions, potentially on a global scale.

Access Control: The solution ensures that only authorized individuals can access the licenses and that they can only access those licenses intended for their specific role.

Security and Compliance: By maintaining strict access controls and security levels, the platform safeguards license integrity and significantly reduces the potential for fraudulent activities.

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