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Look Through the Eyes of a Security Analyst in our Advanced Security Operations Center (ASOC)

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Join our digital event to see how we monitor, analyze, and detect cyber-attacks, as well as how we discover their impact, origin, and implementation, to protect the digital environment locally and globally. During the event, we will introduce you to the main principles and processes that our ASOC applies to help secure your organization.

Cyber-attacks are constantly evolving and causing severe damages to companies. Responding accordingly and efficiently requires a lot of investment in knowledge, people, and technology. ASOC is our answer to the problem.

Our goal is for more and more organizations to thrive in the digital environment effectively and defend themselves against cyber threats.


  • Detecting and limiting cyberattacks targeting your organization
  • Principles and processes for protecting your infrastructure
  • Important sources of information and analysis to identify malicious activity
  • A simulation of how to behave to modern cyber-attacks accordingly


The event is suitable for executives and experts with a focus on information technology and cybersecurity.


Alexander Tzokev
Alexander Tsokev is our Cybersecurity Center Manager. He is a Cisco certified speaker, with more than 20 years of experience in the field of cybersecurity and, the author of the first Bulgarian book on ethical hacking.

Ilia Dafchev
Ilia Dafchev is our Senior Security Analyst. He works on cyber-attacks detection, incident response, cyber investigations, and malicious code analysis, holding relevant certifications in those areas.

Disclaimer: The webinar will be led in Bulgarian.

We will be expecting you!