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Monthly Security Bulletin – February

Learn more about the latest Cybersecurity news in the February edition of our monthly Security bulletin, prepared by our Senior Security Analysts.

February’s hot topics:

  • While Emotet ransomware dismantled by police, Fonix shuts down and publishes decryption key
  • Telegram gained popularity following Whatsup changes, but feature can expose your precise address to hackers
  • New password protection tools in Chrome and Edge

The modern cybersecurity threat landscape is constantly evolving. New vulnerabilities and zero-day attacks are discovered every day, while the old vulnerabilities still exist.  Mitigating modern cyber threats require solutions for continuous monitoring, correlation, and behavior analysis that are expensive and require a significant amount of time to be implemented. Moreover, many organizations struggle to hire and retain the expensive security experts needed to operate those solutions and provide value by defending the organizations. The ASOC  (Advanced Security Operations Center) by Telelink Business Services allows organizations to get visibility, control, and recommendations on improving their cybersecurity posture for a fixed and predictable monthly fee.

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