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Monthly Security Bulletin – February 2023

Learn more about the latest Cybersecurity news in the February edition of our monthly Security bulletin, prepared by our Senior Security Analysts.

February hot topics:

  • Infrastructure Security Monitoring – the essential minimum to cybersecurity and to detect anomalies is to monitor your infrastructure 24x7x365.
  • Vulnerability Management – get visibility on the risks new or old vulnerabilities are posing to your IT infrastructure and get recommendations on how to reduce or mitigate those risks.
  • Attack Detection – get data from state-of-the-art cybersecurity tools, detect attacks and breaches, and involve our ASOC Analytics Team to perform human triage and threat hunting to precisely define the risks of the attack.
  • Reports and Recommendations – get detailed tailored reports with structured recommendations on how to prevent malicious activities (attacks) and take preventive measures.
  • Advanced Attack Analysis – get information on the attack vector, the attack surface, potential threat actors, and their objectives and motives for the attack.
  • Forensic Analysis – in case of severe cybercrimes the ASOC team can perform forensic analysis and/or support the authorities.
  • Bulletins, Training and Awareness – be timely informed on critical vulnerabilities with tailored and emerging threats bulletins and security awareness trainings to stop people being the weakest link.

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