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Monthly Security Bulletin – February 2024

This month’s security bulletin hot topics:

1. Cisco says critical Unity Connection bug lets attackers get root

2. Code Written with AI Assistants Is Less Secure

3. Juniper warns of critical RCE bug in its firewalls and switches  

4. CISA: Critical Microsoft SharePoint bug now actively exploited

5. iShutdown scripts can help detect iOS spyware on your iPhone

6. Have I Been Pwned adds 71 million emails from Naz.API stolen account list 

7. TeamViewer abused to breach networks in new ransomware attacks

8. VMware confirms critical vCenter flaw now exploited in attacks

9. Malicious web redirect scripts stealth up to hide on hacked sites

10. Over 5,300 GitLab servers exposed to zero-click account takeover attacks 

11. Cisco warns of critical RCE flaw in communications software

12. iPhone apps abuse iOS push notifications to collect user data

13. Microsoft reveals how hackers breached its Exchange Online accounts

14. Energy giant Schneider Electric hit by Cactus ransomware attack

15. Online ransomware decryptor helps recover partially encrypted files

16. New Linux glibc flaw lets attackers get root on major distros

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