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Monthly Security Bulletin – July 2023

Learn more about the latest Cybersecurity news in the July edition of our monthly Security bulletin, prepared by our Senior Security Analysts.

This month hot topics:

1. U.K. Cyber Thug “PlugwalkJoe” Gets 5 Years in Prison.

2. SMS Phishers Harvested Phone Numbers, Shipment Data from UPS Tracking Tool.

3. Swiss government warns of ongoing DDoS attacks, data leak.

4. Satacom delivers browser extension that steals cryptocurrency.

5. Cracking the Code — How Machine Learning Supercharges Threat Detection 

6. Swiss government warns of ongoing DDoS attacks, data leak. Error! Bookmark not defined.

7. Operation Triangulation: Zero-Click iPhone Malware.

8. AI as Sensemaking for Public Comments.

9. Malicious Chrome extensions with 75M installs removed from Web Store.

10. New Horabot campaign takes over  victims Gmail, Outlook accounts.

11. Lazarus hackers linked to the $35 million Atomic Wallet Heist.

12. Russia says US hacked thousands of iPhones in iOS zero-click attacks.

13. American  Airlines, Southwest Airline disclose data breaches affecting pilots.

14. Grafana warns of critical auth bypass due to Azure AD integration.

15. EncroChat takedown led to 6,500 arrests and $979 million seized.

16. Over 100,000 ChatGPT accounts stolen via info-stealing malware.

17. As Data Gravity Goes Up, are Clouds Becoming Black Holes?

18. The Great Exodus to Telegram: A Tour of the New Cybercrime Underground.

19. Ukrainian hackers take down service provider for Russian banks.

20. Three reasons to Think Twice About Enabling Location Sharing.

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