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Monthly Security Bulletin – March 2023

Learn more about the latest Cybersecurity news in the March edition of our monthly Security bulletin, prepared by our Senior Security Analysts.

March hot topics:

  • New Sh1mmer ChromeBook exploit unenrolls managed devices
  • Linux version of Royal Ransomware targets VMware ESXi servers              
  • Massive ESXiArgs ransomware attack targets VMware ESXi servers worldwide    
  • VMware warns admins to patch ESXi servers, disable OpenSLP service    
  • Malware Delivered through Google Search          
  • New QakNote attacks push QBot malware via Microsoft OneNote files   
  • Malicious Dota 2 game modes infected players with malware     
  • Hacker develops new ‘Screenshotter’ malware to find high-value targets
  • Pepsi Bottling Ventures suffers data breach after malware attack              
  • RedEyes hackers use new malware to steal data from Windows, phones
  • ChatGPT Is Ingesting Corporate Secrets 
  • Atlassian data leak caused by stolen employee credentials           
  • GoDaddy: Hackers stole source code, installed malware in multi-year breach       
  • Activision confirms data breach exposing employee and game info           
  • New S1deload Stealer malware hijacks Youtube, Facebook accounts        
  • Hackers now exploit critical Fortinet bug to backdoor servers      
  • Forsage DeFi platform founders indicted for $340 million scam   
  • Cisco Webex Meetings App Character Interface Manipulation Vulnerability          
  • ChatGPT is down worldwide – OpenAI working on issues
  • Microsoft Defender app now force-installed for Microsoft 365 users        
  • Cisco Email Security Appliance URL Filtering Bypass Vulnerability
  • New MortalKombat ransomware decryptor recovers your files for free   

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