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Security Tips When Working Remotely

Today it is more likely that we work away from the dedicated company space – at home, in a hotel, or while we travel. In such situations, we face new threats and risks. These tips are meant to mitigate them. 

Only have the devices and data that you need with you. 

Thus, you minimize the risk of your devices and data getting lost or stolen. As most of the data we need today either resides within the corporate network or in cloud services, we have access to it anywhere we are, with the right access. 

Connect only to trustworthy networks and start the VPN provided by your organization. 

Home networks are usually less secure. The Wi-Fi connections in the hotel or the café may not be properly protected or even be rouge. To stay on the safe side, only connect to networks you can trust and use the VPN provided by your company. Thus, all your communications over the internet will be encrypted and your device will be protected by company security measures. 

Keep your devices up to date. 

Software updates may be unpleasant at times because they interrupt our work. However, applying them on time may fix severe software vulnerabilities and prevent malicious actors from exploiting them and causing harm to us, our work and company. 

Do not disable security measures. 

Turning off the firewall or the malware protection may compromise your device. Keep it them on. If they hinder your work in any way, discuss with your IT department – there may be a fix or a better approach to this task. 

Be aware of your surroundings. 

“Shoulder surfing” is a funny name of a real social engineering technique. Without you noticing, people that sit close to you can read your messages or see what password you type in to access your email. Make sure you check your surrounding before you in engage in such activities. 

Do not lose sight of your devices when in public places. 

Never leave your devices unattended. Otherwise, they could be stolen or compromised. 

Lock devices when not in use. 

Even at home, it is best to lock your device when you are away from it. Make pressing Windows Key + L on devices running Windows and Linux and CMD + CTRL + Q on Mac a habit. 

Stay safe and secure, no matter the workspace.