Digital Forensics

Answers to the questions that arise after a cyber incident


Digital Forensics is the activity of collecting, storing, and analyzing data from computer systems and applications that have been the target of unregulated and malicious actions against them.

The purpose of Digital Forensics is to gather and summarize information relevant to a cybersecurity incident that has occurred within an organization.

The attack vector to a given system, device or application can be determined depending on the available data for analysis and its volume.

Initial Deliverables

Current status of the affected system

Current status of the affected system. Initial assessment and evidence acquisition and recommendations for future analysis.

Initial check

Initial check and suggestions for the type of cyber-attack.

Revealing the causes 

Revealing the causes of the cyber security of the incident occurred.

Revealing the initial vector

Revealing the initial vector and source of the cyber-attack.


Digital forensics report supported with digital evidence processed from the collected analysis.