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Financial Outlook And Strategic Highlights 2023- 2027

19th of April, 16:00 - 17:00 pm (GMT+3).

About the event​

During the event, Telelink Business Services Group AD (TBS Group) CEO Ivan Zhitiyanov will present the expected development of key financial indicators and the main aspects of the strategy of the Group for the period 2023-2027.

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About TBS

Headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria, TBS Group partners with the world’s leading software and hardware companies to provide ICT solutions and services across its territories of operation in SEE and on a global scale. The Group has over 250 employees, more than 250 customers of different sizes and economic sectors. 

Who Is This Suitable For?

The session is suitable for present and future investors and people interested in the area of financial investments. 

Ivan Zhitiyanov – CEO, Telelink Business Services Group

Ivan Zhitiyanov’s career started when he was 15, working as a Java software developer. After four years of developing software in two companies, he decided to follow his passion for networking that he had for many years. To expand his networking knowledge, he started working at Orbitel, the biggest incumbent challenger in Bulgaria in the first years of liberalization of the telco market. Ivan began working at Telelink in 2006, searching for diversity of projects and customers, eager to learn more in various fields.  Although for the last 12 years he has been managing different segments and functions in Telelink, he has kept his passion and involvement in the technical side of the business. ​

His journey at Telelink led him through almost all steps in a mid-sized company career ladder. In 2012, he took responsibility for the whole System Integration business unit. During the following five years, the business unit was growing stellar, which led to its spin-off under the brand Telelink Business Services with Ivan as executive director. In July 2019, Telelink Business Services became a group of companies operating in seven countries with Ivan Zhitiyanov as a CEO.


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