13 available positions in 4 locations

We look for

The Successful

Those who not only carernbut take care

The Learners

Those who are eager tornexplore their full potential

The Challengers

Those who are willing tornthoughtfully disagree

The Genuine

Those who express themselves respectfully and crave authenticity

Open Positions

“ The endless possibilities and the lack of boundaries. That’s the right way to do software development, because the devs are like artists – if you want Mona Lisa – you have to be able to think outside of the box ”

Yani Gebedzheliev
Senior Technology Advisor

“ Every problem can be solved – we just have to find the most adaptive way to solve it and the company stands behind every single member of the team ”

Konstantin Tomanov
Director, Information Security

“ The freedom that the company gives to its employees, as well as its attitude to them ”

Yoana Georgieva
Software Developer

“ There are some significant slogans in the mission, vision, strategy-list of company values of Telelink Business Services that I really deeply believe in. I think the success factor for a person in such kind of a streamline, result-oriented, unconventional, modern technology organization is to make difference by challenging himself. Swimming upstream is my driving principle. ”

Ivan Gargov
Senior Software Developer

“ …at some point you realize that whatever you do, the outcome largely depends on you. …in every project you’re working on you realize quite fast that it depends on you, your work, your communication, and organizational skills etc ”

Boyan Sotirov
Director, Enterprise Connectivity
Bulgaria, Sofia
Slovenia, Ljubljana
Serbia, Belgrade
Montenegro, Podgorica
North Macedonia, Skopije
Albania, Tirana
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Novi Grad
Bulgaria, Sofia