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Telelink Business Services Gets its Newest Competency – Dell EMC PowerStore Deployment

Being a trusted partner of Dell Technologies, our dedicated Hybrid Cloud team continuously broadens its expertise getting certified for the latest Dell products and solutions.  

Now, April 2021, the PowerStore all-flash data storages can be successfully deployed by Telelink Business Services engineers. This enables us to be more flexible towards clients needs. We already started the market positioning of PowerStore within our latest offerings.    

The new PowerStore family and our technical capability will leverage innovative data centric solutions accelerating automation, programmability and advanced integration with the virtualization stack.  

This performance-centric design enables PowerStore to deliver 7x more IOPs and 3x lower latency for real-world workloads compared to previous generations of Dell midrange storage. 

It’s also on our plate to cover the Support Competency, both Remote and Onsite. 

PowerStore’s single architecture for block, file, and vVols utilizes the latest technologies to achieve these disparate objectives without sacrificing the cost-effective nature of midrange storage.  The ability to provide storage in multiple formats to applications, ranging from physical and virtual LUNs to containers to traditional files, provides the ultimate workload flexibility and enables IT to simplify and consolidate infrastructure. 

PowerStore is designed from the ground up to utilize the latest in storage and interface technologies in order to maximize application performance and eliminate bottlenecks.  Each PowerStore appliance has two nodes and uses NVMe to take full advantage of the tremendous speed and low latency of solid-state devices, with greater device bandwidth and queue depth. PowerStore has been architected to maximize performance with NVMe flash storage and supports the even greater demands of Intel Optane Storage Class Memory (SCM) which provides performance approaching the speed of DRAM.  

Within the 30 certificates we have for various Dell EMC products, we are solving complex business challenges and provide competitive end-to-end solutions to our customers, spanning from hybrid cloud infrastructure to turnkey servers, storage and backup technologies. 

Learn more about Dell EMC PowerStorehttps://www.delltechnologies.com/en-us/storage/powerstore-storage-appliance.htm