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Telelink Business Services Participating in the Digital Volunteers Pilot Program

Digital transformation is an essential part for a business to survive in the face of the future and enhance company’s efficiency and productivity.

The Digital Volunteers Program is an initiative launched in April 2021 launched by European Commission that aims to support European SMEs in their digital transformation journey by growing their employees’ digital competencies, with dedicated and skilled mentors from larger businesses. The digital mentors will apply their digital skills, knowledge, and experience to solve a specific challenge related to digitalization identified jointly by the mentee company and its mentor.

Within the Digital Volunteers Program, Telelink Business Services will support the mid-sized company SoftGroup in their digital transformation. With our expertise and their passion for technology, we are going to guide them in the process of migration software and systems on a future-ready cloud environment with the aim of improving security, scalability, and savings.

This is a big opportunity to collaborate, grow and bridge the digital skills gaps in Europe. We at Telelink strongly believe that being a mentor under Digital Volunteer Program will facilitate the continuation and overall creation of digital knowledge and ideas by delivering training, advisory services and develop joint digital projects. Being involved in the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition will also raise the profile of our company at a European and a community level.