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Telelink Business Services Partners with Recorded Future To Mitigate Complex Cybersecurity Threats

Sofia, May 21, 2021 – Telelink Business Services announced a new partnership with Recorded Future, a specialized security solution that enhances security operations centers (SOC and CERT) and incident response by providing real-time information on cyber threats and latest indicators of compromise.

The Recorded Future platform monitors, collects and analyzes data from over 850,000 sources, including 1,500 Darknet hacking forums, six billion sites and 75 billion links and enables automatic correlation of data from all of them. It provides accurate description of the security status and related potential threats, and the overall results are presented in an accessible and understandable way. With this knowledge and information, companies can take quick preventive actions to restrict and mitigate potential attacks.

To put it simply, Recorded Future can give real-time answers to questions such as: What do cybercriminals know about our organization? Is there any leaked data from our organization traded or discussed on Darknet and what are they? What attacks are currently being prepared or carried out in global cyberspace that are relevant to our organization?

 We are glad that we can offer such a powerful tool in the hands of our customers. Through Recorded Future, we speed up threat detection and incident triage time by providing indicators to substantiate the detection findings, enabling organizations to focus on  critical threats and vulnerabilities. We truly believe that through our partnership with Recorded Future, we can enhance our ASOC (Advanced Security Operations Center) services and offer better security and protection for client’s infrastructures.,” said Todor Iliev, Information Security Director, Telelink Business Services.