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Telelink Business Services with special edition in Capital

Inspirational, enriching and informative Telelink gives a wholehearted company presentation and insight of the IT infrastructure market in Capital

In a special edition in Capital Telelink shares a wholehearted company presentation enriched by #Ivan Zhitiyanov, CEO together with Commercial, Public-Sector Director Ivo Rusev and their insights on the dynamics of the IT infrastructure market, its inflections, turnovers, and future perspectives. Read about the expertise and drive behind our success, the renewed company vision, and how we manage to create our own talents through the TBS Academy.

The company’s stronghold is its people. Meet them, in articles describing the symbiosis between personality and professionalism in the most intriguing way.

We share our story while simplifying the complex IT landscape here – Двигател със системно горене (capital.bg)