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Telelink Business Services presenting new member of the Supervisory Board

Telelink Business Services would like to present and welcome Sir William Russell as the new member of the company’s Supervisory Board.

Sir William took office as Lord Mayor of London from November 2019 until November 2021. His mayoral time was devoted to promoting the importance of Finance and the City of London to help the UK get to NetZero.

He has over thirty years of various experience in the financial and business City including senior positions in the national and international Banking sector, for instance as an Investment Banker in Merrill Lynch and Chair of CDAM, a London-based Asset Management business.

Sir William also served on the Board of Innovate Finance, the industry body for the UK-based Fintech community.

Besides his financial expertise, he is distinguished as an educational entrepreneur, co-founder, and Chair of Knightsbridge School, and Director of Knightsbridge School International (KSI).

Engaged as a member of the Campaign Board for Durham Inspired, his focus laid on ensuring Durham University remains at the forefront of learning, research, and education for future generations.

Relying on the consistency and background knowledge of its Supervisory Board, Telelink Business Services continues to evolve and scale.