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Unified Identity Management

Nationwide Educational Platform


The collaboration with the Ministry of Education to establish a comprehensive identity management solution has streamlined the identification and authorization of individuals in the educational sector and also facilitated the delivery of personalized experiences across their educational journey. With its scalable and secure design, the solution not only meets the current needs but also provides a robust foundation for future projects, ensuring continuity and consistency in the experiences delivered to each individual within the sector.


In a collaborative effort with the Ministry of Education (Bulgaria), a nationally significant project was undertaken to establish a robust identity management solution for every individual involved in the educational sector, using Azure AD. The project aimed to create and manage personal accounts, each with a unique identifier, for students, teachers, and all other roles within the sector, ensuring a continuous and personalized experience throughout their educational journey.


The educational sector, encompassing a myriad of roles such as students and teachers, required a unified identity solution that could serve throughout the entire educational cycle. The challenge was to create, manage, and maintain these identities in a way that they could be leveraged for various purposes, such as authorization and personalization of experiences, across different projects and platforms.


The developed identity solution, first of its kind in Europe, provided each individual within the educational sector a personal account with a unique identifier. This not only facilitated the authorization and identification of every person in the sector but also enabled the provision of personalized experiences across various aspects of their educational journey. Furthermore, it laid a foundation to leverage these identities in subsequent projects like “Implementing a Scalable and Secure License Management Solution for Nationwide Educational Software Distribution” and the “Digitizing Educational Ecosystems – The Inception and Impact of the Digital Backpack Platform in Bulgarian Education” projects.


Unified Identity Management: The solution ensures a single, consistent identity for each individual throughout their entire educational cycle, simplifying management and user experience.

Scalability: With a nationwide implementation, the solution demonstrated its capability to manage a vast number of identities and the potential to scale further as needed.

Enhanced Personalization: By being able to accurately identify and authorize each individual, the solution enabled the delivery of personalized experiences across various projects and platforms.

Foundation for Future Projects: The established identity solution became a firm foundation, enabling the execution of subsequent projects by utilizing the created identities.

Security and Compliance: Ensuring that each identity is unique and securely managed, the solution adheres to data protection and privacy regulations, safeguarding individuals’ information.

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