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VELES – Teaming up for Excellence

Telelink Business Services part of VELES Excellence Hub driving Innovation in Smart Healthcare Sector 

The main purpose of EU-financed excellence hubs is to strengthen regional innovation, through boosting excellence in ecosystems in Widening countries and beyond, by creating linkages between academia, businesses, governments, and society. 

Telelink Business Services is part of yet another ambitious EU – funded project. VELES was established as a consortium of 15 European organizations aimed at accelerating innovation excellence in smart healthcare in South-East Europe. 

The ambition is to foster thriving smart health innovations by leveraging cutting-edge technologies like Big Data, AI, and IoT for personalized medicine, and informed decision-making, while also enhancing disease prediction, all in line with the Regional Research and Innovation Strategies for Smart S (RIS3) in healthcare.  VELES will also utilize place-based showcases to demonstrate and promote these advancements. 

Telelink Business Services – stepping into Regional Health Data Space

Telelink Business Services will be engaged in tasks related to the development of Regional Health Data Space, definition of use cases, evaluation of totally four pilot activities, as well as the entire project implementation. The planned pilot pillar for Bulgaria is reaching a level of personalized medicine for Alzheimer’s disease.    

International Data Space Association (IDSA) as a member of the consortium plays a crucial role in the project by providing technology guidance for the standardized implementation of data spaces. IDSA’s expertise and support contribute significantly to the successful execution of the project. 

VELES is a key project supporting the European Data Spaces initiative by the European Commission. As a strategic player, Telelink Business Services together with GATE and IDSA leads the establishment of the first Smart Health Data Space in Southeast Europe, with a focus on innovative and secure digital solutions for sustainable healthcare services.” shares Plamena Dimitrova, High Value Projects Manager at Telelink Business Services. 

The consortium empowers a transformative journey, aiming to reshape the smart healthcare landscape of South-East Europe. The result is to create healthcare practices and ultimately improve the well-being of the region’s population.  

 Raising the innovation level  

Telelink Business Services, being part of VELES will participate in the creation of sustainable place-based ecosystems. This will include a transformational framework, R&I, and investment strategy synced with a sustainable action plan for research, development, and adoption of secure digital solutions paving the way to better healthcare services.