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Virtual educational harmony – the Digital Backpack

Reinventing the educational process by giving the educational system a unified integrated platform tailored toward the needs of teachers, students and their parents, giving completely free access to interactive digital content from numerous sources.

In today’s hyper-connected world, sensible tech tools enhance education. Telelink believes that the benefits are many more if handled correctly. Even if we embrace the high-tech concept, we strictly follow the fundamental principle of education and that is the relationship between teacher and student.  The key to success in the digital classroom bottoms in those relations. It’s where education happens. Technology is a highly effective tool, but Telelink strives to create a platform where the essentials of learning are kept intact, conducting a virtual space where the communication between pupils and tutors follows its natural course.  

The Digital Backpack not only enables full virtual educational harmony but also puts Bulgaria as a pioneer in introducing such learning methods, being the first one that managed to present a fully functional solution. What is the vision behind the Digital Backpack and the results we’re aiming for?  

Harnessing the Power of Digital Education 

Behind every project, there is a story to be told. The will to change the status quo in the Bulgarian educational system has been and still is one of Telelink’s incorporated visions. Embracing the will to create a functional learning strategy using a wide array of innovative technologies, an idea was born. A bold and major one – to put a unified portal synchronizing educational resources tailored towards the end user in one single place on the Bulgarian educational map.  

During the pandemic the need for such a platform transformed into a necessity, as all information was scattered between numerous systems and portals, creating dissonance. We faced a global issue that created opportunities for learning technology to implement the usage of completely free interactive digital content within the conventional educational system. Telelink Business Services, as a leading technology company, with vast knowledge base and ties with the educational system, were able to finally fulfill our wish. We created, delivered and implemented full scale learning management system that incorporates all instruments allowing teachers, pupils, and parents to assist them in the educational process. 

We harness the Power of Digital Education without forgetting the instinctive structure of the learning process, a structure we’ll keep on growing and synchronizing with modern technologies. 

Free space for content conduction  

One of Digital Backpack’s sincere high points is the possibility that teachers are given simplified and intuitive tools to create their own interactive digital lessons. They can freely upload them and after approval they become accessible to all users in the country. This function will enable teachers to communicate ideas, share knowledge and enrich the digital educational ecosystem

Regardless of the concurrence angle, one thing is certain, Telelink strives to transform learners and teachers from inactive to active participants in the digital transformation of the educational system by using digital educational content, shaping them as effective and collaborative creators.  

Author: Telelink Business Services Marketing and Communication Department