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Welcoming Interns in the Telelink Business Services Family – 2021

Technology will continue to play a big part in our lives. It’s not something new, that the tech industry has become intertwined with almost every field in our lives. We, at Telelink Business Services, enable you to do great things with technology and now we also help interns to learn and grow in the process.

We have always believed that internship programs are a key factor for a company’s growth and development. For another year we welcomed 13 highly motivated young professionals in our office to show them what it’s like to work with engineer executives on real-life projects. The program that was prepared for them, was guided by our Director of the Telelink Academy – Martin Lipovski. It was a mix of practical and theoretical assignments. This combination made the learning outcome most effective, functional, and successful.

The practical part was based on a product by SolarWinds. A Network Management System that enables engineers to manage and control the connectivity of a certain network’s independent components. To really understand the core of the working processes, we provided the interns with video materials from SolarWinds sales experts and after that, they received certificates from the vendor. They also met with different technical teams at Telelink and had access to the company’s technical environment like server department and virtual machines.

Their main assignment was to deploy this product – once in a test environment, where they added a variety of network devices, and then in the the company production environment. The software was configured, the modules were reviewed, and SQL databases adjusted according to SolarWinds’ documents in order to insert, delete and update data, and made the necessary roles for each department using the product.

At the end, the interns made a presentation in front of their mentors, explaining the product’s opportunities, how it works, the pros and cons of it and finally, the necessary adjustments made for the product to work correctly. With that, they demonstrated that they really understand and can implement the product professionally.

“We faced a few challenges while implementing the SolarWinds’ product. However, this situation inspired us to learn a lot through research and collaboration with our peers.”- Dimitar Alexandrov, Hybrid Cloud Specialization

The theoretical part of the program consisted of lectures from ASOC, Hybrid Cloud and Field Activities, Business Etiquette and Public Speaking. The interns learned how to build relationships with other people, engage their audience, influence decisions, and motivate change. They also acquired knowledge of structuring and presenting projects correctly.

“This program gave us the opportunity to work in different fields, getting to know the company better, understanding different projects and their implementation, and all of this with the support of professional engineers. The preparation materials that we were provided with, gave us the knowledge that helped us complete the project. I believe that our team leaders in Telelink Business Services can guide and support us to grow in our desired direction.” – Dimitar Petrov, IT Management Specialization

We are investing in the training of young professionals to give them the right knowledge in the fields of system integration and new technologies. Furthermore, we give them the opportunity to grow in the business world and develop professionally.

Congratulations to Alexander Alexandrov, Dimitar Alexandrov, Yulia Bayraktarova and Dayana Aleksieva, who will specialize in Hybrid Cloud. Dimitar Petrov and Simeon Borisov who will specialize in IT Management and Vilian Sivov specializing in Enterprise Connectivity. Working both individually and in teams, brainstorming and managing challenges is what led them to become part of the Telelink Family.

Working with young and driven people is what inspires us!

Stay tuned for the next Telelink Business Services Internship Program!