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Women – the new tech force?  

According to a recent study by McKinsey Digital, European companies risk a gap of 4M employees engaged in the IT sector by the end of 2027.   

Can women be the new tech force? How does Telelink Business Services see this trend?  

The uneven development is mostly caused by stereotypes and society’s misperceptions about the abilities of ladies and gentlemen. Research suggests that girls are assumed to have lower STEM skills which to us builds the fundament of the mentioned stereotype. Combined with its influence and the obvious lack of women in leading positions in the industry leads to the gap we’re now looking at.       

Telelink Business Services has a clear vision divided into three different milestones we believe are groundbreaking for the future of women in tech.   

Reframe, focus, improve – our milestones   

To quantitatively size the impact of initiatives to get more women into the company and the industry we have shaped a clear understanding of a successful scenario.    

By forming the following paths, we firmly believe that a well-needed turnover will be made:  

  • Reframe the workforce through qualitative education – TBS Academy, Telelink’s own educational platform for tech talents focuses on creating opportunities for young men and women willing to start their career within tech. The concept is winning because it gives a fair chance to all interested without any gender diversification. The Academy incorporates two phases free of charge ending with an employment offer to the students who successfully completed the course. Starting with primarily theoretical training about all parts of modern IT infrastructure the education continues with practical assignments and mentoring.    
  • Focus on reskilling women into tech roles via skill reformations–we try to integrate our current colleagues into the natural flow of business by providing equal opportunity as their male colleagues. Simply put, in case any of our colleagues are willing to fill an opening or would like to reskill into a tech role, we strive to provide the rightful internal conditions to do so.   
  • Improve retention rates – many women work in fast-declining tech roles, for example as systems administrators, roles affected by the recent waves of tech layoffs. Our belief is that we should focus on training women to assume tech roles with great importance both in the industry and society, such as product leads or IT engineers.   

Currently, the demand can’t be met with the ongoing recruitment base and principles, hence there is a clear predominance of men. We’ve come to an understanding that we not only need to recruit women but rather fight the stereotype. It’s a long-term engagement, and we are ready to step into.   

By embracing the idea of giving women the opportunity to be involved in tech roles within the company we not only shape a stronger workforce but take full diversity advantage this would mean to Telelink Business Services.   

Telelink’s talent balance   

Putting words into action, let’s take a closer look at the talent balance at Telelink Business Services.    

Truth to be told the share of women in the company changes continuously. The presumption that we’re at times doing better than others is irrelevant, mostly because we always aim higher. To become our better selves, we assume that there’s more to be done following the above-explained steps.  

To drive significant change, we believe that TBS Academy will have a great impact. Providing education and mentoring women, directly offering them a position in the company will lead to a cutting-edge shift in the long term.   



Author: Telelink Business Services Marketing and Communication Department