B2B Integration Solution

Secure, Control, Integrate and Optimize the delivery of Mobile, Web, API, SOA, Cloud and B2B application services.


B2B Integration by TBS provides gateway functionality and is a security enforcement point. Also supports intelligent load distribution and dynamic routing. It is used for service level management and monitoring and is available in two form factors: 2U Rack mounted physical appliance and as a Virtual appliance.

Use Cases


Secure & protect your back-end systems from harmful workloads and unauthorized users & apps


Convert payloads, bridge transports and connect to existing services at wire-speed


Limit & shape traffic based on service level agreements and route based on message content


Improve response times, reduce load on backend systems and intelligently distribute load


With the B2B Integration solution by TBS we achieved:

  • Centralized the security, integration, control and optimization of all the service level applications;
  • Presented a unified endpoint for all backend application servers;
  • Transformed all SOAP based services to the well-known web standard REST;
  • Centralized point for transforming all messages for our needs – XML to JSON conversion and vice versa;
  • Better maintenance of all service applications;
  • Quick and easy way for future integration with other applications.

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