Enterprise Networking

Design and frame network protecting companies’ flow, availability, and integrity


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Enterprise Networking – Tailormade network security ensures the protection of companies’ flow, availability, and integrity.

A reliable network is the ultimate key to a flawless and solid foundation of your business and everyday activities. Digital transformation is not only the status quo but also our primary goal.

At TBS we provide a professional portfolio including everything from LAN and Wi-Fi access to SD-WAN and Data Center Networking, Implementation of network virtualization, Automation and Cloud integration for hybrid IT, connecting Internet of Things, room conferencing, IP telephony, and many more.

We design and build next-generation network protecting the communication flow, availability, and integrity of your network and data.



Fully Visible Network

Provide unified experience when in the office or remote to minimize frictions and delays

Ability to focus on your business  

Foster seamless collaboration and enable real-time information exchange to eliminate inefficiencies

Scalability on-the-go  

Your network needs to handle sudden changes in workload brought by spikes or drops in the data volume it processes. Network scalability ensures that you can meet the constantly increasing demands.   If your business growth outpaces your network capacity, your clients will face disruptions. We offer you tailormade scalability.

Financial comfort with cost predictability 

Possibility to purchase or rent the networking equipment via OPEX (or CAPEX) depending on the desired size and scale. The financial impact can cover the cost of new IT priorities from SaaS investments to innovation.  

Key Technologies

Fixed and Wireless Access   
  • LAN
  • SD-Access
  • Network Access Control
  • Wi-Fi
Wide Area Networks   
  • WAN
  • VPNSD-WAN   
Unified Communications  
  • IP Telephony
  • Video communications
  • Presence
  • Collaboration
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Web
  • Immersive
Contact Center Solutions   

Cisco Webex Contact Center

Data Center Networks    
  • Data Center Switching
  • DC Interconnect
  • SDN    
Network Security   
  • DDoS
  • NGFW
  • WAF
  • DNS Security
Industrial Network Security 
IoT Security  
Network visibility and traffic monitoring  
Traffic Load Balancing  
Network Management, Automation and Orchestration  
Network Infrastructure
  • Cable
  • Rack
  • UPS   

How do we deliver?

01. Design/Redesign

We design new or redesign existing infrastructure according to all business, technical goals, and objectives, with specific topology and scalability in focus.  

02. Implementation   

– We deploy all network components 
– We ensure that device and software interoperability requirements are met 
– We follow all customer security policies  

03. Transformation 

– Integration  
– Migration  
– Testing  
– SRFU procedures  
– Transition to Managed Support Services including pro-active monitoring, configurations and ITSM setup.

04. Managed Support  

– Single point of contact for incidents and service requests
– Monitoring of managed networks   
– Triage and categorization of customer’s requests   
– Logging a customer call and assigning it to the correct resource  
– Full administration of the requests with the ServiceNow platform  
– Technical escalation of incidents/requests  

Why engage with TBS?

We apply a holistic approach to the workplace of tomorrow, and we are ideally placed to help you embrace the very latest cloud-based collaboration & productivity technologies.

We understand your challenges and the way your business is running. We will dedicate a team of seasoned experts to solve your specific problems and get the most out of your IT investments.

We offer long-term support and advice for your IT needs, and we pride ourselves on getting to the heart of problems quickly and efficiently.

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