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Regular General meeting of shareholders of Telelink Business Services Group AD, digital stream – 29 June 2022

On 29.06.2022 from 10.00am the Regular General Meeting of the Shareholders of Telelink Business Services Group AD will be held, according to the Invitation to convene it. The meeting will be held at: str. Panorama Sofia 6, Richhill Business Center, ground floor, Sofia. The event registration will start at 09.00 am.

The event will be digitally steamed in real time for the shareholders who are not present or being represented by proxies. For more information about how to join the digital event, please get familiar with the detailed instructions. The connection link will be published on the company’s website in section Investors News at 9.00am on 29.06.2022. To access the event, you need to have the Evrotrust application installed, with completed registration process in advance.

The attendees in the digital stream WILL NOT HAVE THE POSSIBILITY to participate in the discussions, make substantive proposals on the topics, part of the agenda and vote.