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We simplify IT complexities by providing practical solutions for everyday challenges. Our services are tailored to resolve technical issues, foster innovation, and ensure robust cybersecurity, all aligned with your strategic objectives in today’s IT landscape.


In the ever-evolving landscape of IT management, Chief Information Officers (CIOs), IT Directors and other IT leaders face a myriad of challenges, ranging from striking a balance between innovation and operational excellence to navigating the complexities of a hybrid workplace. We understand these challenges and commit to providing comprehensive managed services that not only address immediate technical concerns but also contribute to the strategic goals of your organization.

IT leaders today’s challenges

For CIOs, striking the right balance between fostering innovation and maintaining operational excellence is a perpetual challenge.

Innovation drives business growth and competitive advantage, while operational excellence ensures reliability and efficiency in day-to-day operations.

Our solution

Proactive monitoring: By setting thresholds to predict potential failures, we enable CIOs to proactively address issues before they impact services. This foresight allows for a stable operational environment where innovation can thrive without the fear of unexpected downtime.

Technical service review: Regular health checks and updates ensure that all systems are running on the latest and most efficient configurations, fostering an environment conducive to both operational excellence and innovative practices.


IT leaders today’s challenges

As the workforce becomes increasingly distributed, the need for heightened cybersecurity measures is of supreme importance. CIOs face the challenge of securing corporate data across multiple locations and devices which involves implementing robust cybersecurity protocols that protect against threats without hindering productivity.

Our solution

Security management: We implement advanced security protocols tailored to hybrid work models, ensuring that data is protected whether it’s accessed from the office or remotely. Our managed security service includes regular automated external and internal scans of your IT infrastructure, penetration testing to address security risks before they become serious threats, continuous real-time monitoring and prevention of malicious activities.


IT leaders today’s challenges

IT leaders are often tasked to deliver maximum business value while operating within tight budget constraints. Thus they need solutions that optimize resource allocation and demonstrate clear benefits and tangible returns on investment.

Our solution

Capacity planning: We assist in planning for future growth by ensuring that IT infrastructure is scalable and can handle increased demands for storage, processing, and data retrieval. This proactive approach prevents costly last-minute upgrades and ensures a smooth expansion as the organization grows.

Managed security services: We significantly reduce the costs associated with in-house security management. You save on hardware, software, operations, and personnel expenses by leveraging our expertise and economies of scale. This results in a leaner IT budget, freeing up funds for other strategic initiatives.

IT leaders today’s challenges

Investments in areas like security are often challenging to justify as they do not directly contribute to revenue but are essential for protecting the organization. IT leaders must justify these expenditures by showing their importance in terms of risk mitigation and long-term savings.

Our solution

Reporting service: By providing transparent insights into the delivered services, reports establish a direct connection between the investments made and the tangible outcomes achieved. Tangible metrics help CIOs communicate the impact of these expenditures to stakeholders.

IT leaders today’s challenges

The tech industry faces a talent shortage, particularly for complex IT projects. CIOs must find ways to attract and retain skilled professionals, often competing with other organizations for the same talent pool.

Our solution

TBS serves as a talent pool, offering access to a diverse set of skills across endpoints, infrastructure, and security. We act as an extension of your IT team to alleviate the burden on internal resources. This enables IT leaders to supplement their teams with specialized expertise, filling skill gaps efficiently.

IT leaders today’s challenges

IT Directors are tasked with resolving technical challenges promptly to minimize downtime and maintain business continuity. To keep everything running smoothly they need processes and resources in place to address problems as they arise.

Our solution

Service Desk: Our 24/7 Service Desk ensures that immediate technical challenges are addressed promptly. Clients have continuous access to our support, minimizing downtime and maintaining seamless operations.

IT leaders today’s challenges

IT Directors must allocate their department’s resources efficiently, balancing routine maintenance with strategic projects. This involves prioritizing tasks, optimizing workflows, and ensuring the team’s efforts align with business objectives.

Our solution

Problem management: We don’t just resolve incidents; we delve into the root causes to prevent future occurrences. This strategic approach to problem management allows IT Directors to focus departmental resources on innovation and growth, rather than firefighting.

Experience the full service

Flexibility as an Extension of Your IT Team

We tailor our services to meet your unique needs, acting as a seamless extension of your IT department. Our adaptable approach ensures smooth integration into your existing workflows, provides scalable solutions that grow with your business, and facilitates quick adaptation to changing business requirements.

Simplified Engagement Process

We’ve streamlined our engagement process to emphasize simplicity, allowing for the efficient utilization of our services without any unnecessary complications.

Expertise in Technology

Our team consists of technology experts who are proficient in the latest technologies and best practices. This includes PMP-certified service delivery managers and technical specialists holding certifications such as Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Certified Information Security Manager (CISM), and the specialized Zero Trust Certified Associate (ZTCA). Our team’s extensive experience and successful project track records underscore our commitment to excellence.

Competitive Pricing

We offer competitive pricing that ensures you receive high-quality services while remaining on time and within budget. Our approach enables companies to achieve their objectives without compromising on service quality.

What you will get

Expertise and Experience

A wide variety of TBS technical experts equipped with various certifications, and a proven track record of successful projects. They complement your IT department using a streamlined and straightforward engagement process.

Initial Assessment

A detailed infrastructure assessment during the onboarding period to ensure the offered service levels and to align the service with the customer’s needs and expectations.

Service Desk

A single point of contact live-agent service desk and monitoring centre with 24×7 client access.

Proactive Monitoring

A set of thresholds that help us observe and predict failures before an incident impacts the service and enable triggering the incident process immediately when a malfunction is detected.

Incident and Problem Management

All incidents and problems that affect the managed infrastructure are effectively addressed (proactively triggered or reported by the customer). Recurring issues are identified proactively and automation strategies are recommended.

Dedicated Service Delivery Manager

Assigned service delivery manager to each customer who focuses on customer satisfaction and ensures that all deliverables are on time and in place.

Change Management

Enables clients to log service requests and change TBS managed services as per their needs and requirements.


Set of reports enabling customers to understand the delivered services and be in control of the performance and outcomes.

Technical Service Review

Regular health checks on equipment, configurations, and software versions to ensure all components are working accordingly

Configuration Management

The service gives an overview of the assets’ lifecycle and ensures each aspect of IT service management is handled with precision and expertise

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