Detect and swiftly mitigate cyberattacks in your IT infrastructure


Reduce the risk of cyberattacks and be better prepared to prevent and recover from them

With its Managed Detection and Response service, Advanced Security Operations Center lets both large and small organizations detect and prevent potential attacks in their IT infrastructure. It provides them with the state-of-the-art security technology, augmented with experienced information security analysts and streamlined processes typical of the most advanced enterprises, but at an affordable cost.


Detect and respond to attacks

With constant monitoring of activities in an organization’s IT infrastructure, slightest deviations of normal behavior can reveal malicious activities. Reported quickly to your IT and Security teams, they can be contained before harm is done.

Improve your security controls

Continuous assessment of IT infrastructure and observations of malicious activities clearly reveal ways to improve security controls. With recommendations and assistance, IT and Security teams can easily apply them.

Reduce cybersecurity costs

ASOC integrates security technologies, proven processes, and the team to operate them, and is delivered as a service – at a fraction of the cost to build and operate, without any investment in equipment.

Comply with strict regulations

Identifying and timely responding to attacks is one of the most important requirements in information security – ISO 27001, NIS, GDPR. With ASOC, it is now met, along with security assessments, compliance reports and further recommendations.


Address the most common challenges and attack vectors, from the start.

Identify and prioritize vulnerabilities

Regular automated external and internal scans of your IT infrastructure reveal potential vulnerabilities. Detailed analysis and recommendations help your team easily prioritize and remediate them.

Detect and prevent malicious activities

Highly customizable detection rules, threat intelligence and autonomous analysis enable quick identification of malicious activities across your digital environment. Your IT and Security teams can then intervene even quicker.

Detect insider threats

Continuous analysis of behavior of people and devices in your environment defines what is normal to easily spot anomalies such as use of compromised credentials, escalation of privileges in critical systems, lateral movement, and communication with command-and-control servers.

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