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New Supervisory Board joined by ex-Lord Mayor of London and ex-Microsoft VP

The new five-member board includes three professional investors, a former Microsoft Vice President and an Englishman, until recently the Lord Mayor of London.  

The public company Telelink Business Services Group AD (TBS), has completely renewed its supervisory board as part of the Group’s expansion strategy in the Balkans, Western Europe and the USA. The new board comprises five members, four of whom are Western Europeans with extensive experience in various business areas.   

The change started with a resolution of the general meeting of shareholders on 28 August, which amended the company’s articles of association and significantly expanded the powers of the supervisory board. This is another step towards the company’s strategic development as a corporate structure with multiple shareholders. At the general meeting on 21 November, the shareholders also approved the last two new members, with which the company considers its supervisory board complete with the following members:

  • Wolfgang Ebermann, former Vice President at Microsoft and President and Chief Growth Advisor at Insight (NASDAQ:NSIT market cap $4.88B) has more than 30 years of experience in the IT industry. Mr. Eberman will be a crucial advisor to the company’s transformation and expansion in Western Europe and the US. 
  • Sir William Russell, former Lord Mayor of the City of London with over thirty years’ experience in finance , whose commitment to global trade, innovation and culture will be essential to the expansion of the TBS.
  • Florian HuthPartner at CEECAT Capital, has many years of experience in the Central and Eastern European investment market, a competence that will support the company’s expansion efforts in the Balkans; 
  • Ivo Evgeniev, is a professional investor and entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in private equity and venture capital. His impressive knowledge in various sectors (construction, real estate, renewable energy, light industry, telecommunications and IT services), and his previous experience on the Supervisory Board of TBS Group, puts him in a unique position to contribute to the company’s expansion in the region.  
  • Hans van Houvelingen, a private equity professional focused on insurance, technology and venture capital fundraising. His current focus is on investments in sustainable urban transformation. His competence in the technology sector and in international investment circles is in line with TBS’s objectives to expand in regional and western markets. It helps to develop as an investor-friendly company.

The transformation of the Council includes its increase to five members and the retirement of two members, Lyubomir Minchev (co-founder of Telelink) and Boris Nemsic. 

Lyubomir Minchev remains the majority shareholder in the company with a 50.1% stake, with no participation in its management. His resignation from the Council, to which he returned briefly at the end of August this year, was on his initiative, dictated by his new role as a member of the Capital City Council. Mr Minchev has not been directly involved in the management of the company since November 2019, with the clear aim of running the company as a fast-growing, internationally-focused corporate structure with multiple shareholders.  

“This Supervisory Board demonstrates our ambition and determination to grow the Telelink Business Services business. I believe that its composition is unique for the Bulgarian market and I intend to use it as an advisoryboard.” 

Ivan Zhitiyanov, CEO

For media enquiries, you can contact:

Irina Ivanova, Marketing and Communications Director (irina.ivanova@tbs.tech)

Telelink Business Services is one of the leaders on the Bulgarian IT market, offering customer-oriented high-tech solutions in the field of communication networks, data centers, cyber security and managed services. TBS’s portfolio includes over 200 customers in Bulgaria, the Western Balkans, and Central and Western Europe and the USA. The company cooperates with over 50 international technology partners such as Cisco, Dell,EMC, IBM, VMware, Microsoft, etc.