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Towards A Dream –Telelink‘s values embodied in its Brand Ambassador Niko Kalaydzhiev  

Telelink Business Services and Niko Kalaydziev continue their mutual journey filled with curiosity and brave achievements. How does Telelink unite its spirits with one of Bulgaria’s adventurous pilots and what made him our brand ambassador?

Telelink’s Brand Ambassador – the Beginning  

Тelelink Business Services recognized Niko’s talent and perception long before he began breaking flying records. In 2018 during an event, one of our former Managers Miroslav Getchev was surprised to find the similarity in values when speaking with the pilot. His aspiration and aim to reach high results synced with Telelink’s continuous goal to evolve and strive for significant outcomes. These similarities ensured us that companionship would be appropriate. 2018 was the first year Telelink Business Services supported Niko Kalaydziev, laying a foundation for a tradition that continues even today.  

The three world flying records that followed reassured us that our Brand Аmbassador symbolized our harmonized authenticity. We’d like to welcome you into the story behind our mutual inspiration and unconventional approach to life and work.  

Space – the ultimate destination  

Concurring the sky has not always been Niko’s dream. During his time in the Military Aviation School, Niko synced his newfound love for piloting with a new goal – to reach Space and participate in various missions.  

To be able to do that, he needs flying records. As encouraging as his plan may seem, Niko is facing some considerable difficulties along the way, the most substantial one being the lack of suitable airplanes in Bulgaria and poor organization. In reality, he is responsible for finding aircraft and organizing the events. Because of the poor equipment he often performs his records with unsuitable aircraft. Again, in his hardships, we, at Telelink find a common ground. The struggle to fulfill our dreams is the same. With a rapid ascent to success, we are not easily scared and are comfortable with new challenges.

In June 2021 Niko focused on ratifying FAI’s ( World Air Sports Federation) world record on flying with a maximal speed of 167,6 km/h performed by a TL-Ultralight plane. His chosen destination was between Bulgarian Trustenik (Pleven) and Cerhezu (Romania) with a return. Starting with good weather and rather a clear sky, the situation changed as clouds covered his sights and the navigation system in the airplane suddenly locked down. Forced to orientate with a map on his knee, facing a lightning he managed to perform as he expected. Once again, Telelink Business Services recognized his excellency in its own performances and outcomes.  

On 15th October 2022 Niko ratified Guinness World Record for performing most times of take–off and landing in one hour with ultralight aircraft 40 times reaching 1000 ft. The previous record was 36. Speed is crucial for breaking this record, making his landings critically low to the ground.  

 On 18.06.2023 at Lesnovo airport surrounded by clouds a rain Niko managed to endorse the current Guinnes World Records for most consecutive 360-degree turns by ultralight aircraft, as he achieved 888 turns. The previous record was 400. 

The next, forth planned record is to be performed with gyroplane, a bold combination between airplane and helicopter. The goal is to perform a one-direction flight of 3 kilometers holding a continual velocity of 230 – 250 km/h.  Considering that the allowed is 160 km/h, an overheating risk combined with the instability of the rotary wing not suited for such speed is life-threatening.  

Vibrant similarity – Telelink and Niko Kalaydhziev 

Recognizing the same beliefs, drive, and proficiency scale Telelink Business Services and Niko Kalaydziev have chosen to draw the success path together. The backbone of this companionship is mutual DNA underlining the urge to advance and push boundaries.  

Here, at Telelink we challenge ourselves by trying to be an example for others, transmitting our success into a vibrant inspiration. A clear vision of where we stand and what we’d like to achieve drives us forward showcasing our true nature – being people of action.  We stay true to ourselves and don’t compromise with our values.  

Embodying the line of flying dynamics and tech spirit, Telelink Business Services and Niko Kalaydhziev incorporate a clear vision between bravery and limits.  

Author: Telelink Business Services Marketing and Communication Department