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Telelink Business Services becomes part of the European Cybersecurity Atlas Platform

Telelink Business Services is officially recognized as partner in the European Cybersecurity Atlas Platform. The Cybersecurity Atlas is one of the official key initiatives of the European Commission in the cybersecurity sphere along with the establishment of the Cybersecurity competence network (the main network of cybersecurity bodies of the European Union).

The Cybersecurity Atlas is a knowledge management platform and expert sharing hub to map, categorise and stimulate collaboration between European cybersecurity experts and the EU Commission in support of the implementation of the EU Digital Strategy and the cybersecurity legislation.

Telelink is the first private company from Bulgaria listed in the Platform, whereas through its participation in the Atlas our company will have the opportunity to enlarge its cybersecurity network, get in contact with relevant cyber experts and peers, and to further improve the company’s visibility on the European cybersecurity map.

Telelink will have exclusive access to the Atlas Platform containing information for collaboration and funding opportunities and knowledge sharing database between the most prominent cybersecurity experts, companies and organizations in the EU, including the EU legislative bodies.

The below strategic stakeholders and initiatives will be accessed and exploited by TBS in the upcoming months:

  • Cybersecurity Competence Community: this community consists of cybersecurity stakeholders, such as research institutions, companies and actors from the public sector. Members of the Community will share information with the Competence Centre, which will become a focal point of their activities.
  • Network of National Coordination Centres: Each Member State will nominate one National Coordination Centre, which will serve as a contact point between the members of the Community and the Competence Centre. The National Coordination Centres will also facilitate participation in cross-border projects, and create synergies with activities at national and regional level.
  • The European Cybersecurity Industrial, Technology and Research Competence Centre: this centre will coordinate the Network and support the Community by providing common access to cybersecurity expertise. Governed by representatives from Member States and the European Commission, it will play a key role in executing the Digital Europe and Horizon Europe programmes.

We believe that such cooperation activities will facilitate the continuation and overall creation of stable cross-border relationships between Telelink Business Services and cybersecurity stakeholders from various professional fields and will enhance the opportunities for international cooperation and good practices sharing.