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Enable Effective Remote Work for your Project Team

In our strive to be more efficient in the digital workflow, our teams are using Microsoft Teams for easy collaboration and communication. Microsoft Teams is a unified communication platform that creates a digital workplace by combining chat, video meetings, file storage, and collaboration. It enables remote work for various organizations, no matter their size or industry.
As a trusted Microsoft Partner, we are using the platform successfully internally, as well as with our clients and partners. We believe Microsoft Teams provides the necessary toolkit not only for successful remote work, but also for effective project management. Teams provides us with a bird’s eye-view of all projects, as well as with better transparency and communication for both the Telelink Business Services teams and our clients. With Microsoft Teams, we improve our productivity with seamless collaboration and easy communication.
Based on our practice, our project management teams have developed a special guide on how you can organize your workflow digitally. They have incorporated their tips and tricks in the guide below. Check it out to learn more:

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