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Monthly Security Bulletin – April 2023

Learn more about the latest Cybersecurity news in the March edition of our monthly Security bulletin, prepared by our Senior Security Analysts.

April hot topics:

Telelink Business Services and DYNAMO project: Facing the challenges of cyber threats

BlackLotus bootkit bypasses UEFI Secure Boot on patched Windows

Bing Chat has a secret ‘Celebrity’ mode to impersonate celebrities

FTC to ban BetterHelp from sharing mental health data with advertisers

Twitter outage blocks users from logging in and sharing tweets

Acer confirms breach after 160GB of data for sale on hacking forum

Bitwarden flaw can let hackers steal passwords using iframes

IceFire ransomware now encrypts both Linux and Windows systems

AT&T alerts 9 million customers of data breach after vendor hack

Mental health provider Cerebral alerts 3.1M people of data breach

Microsoft OneNote to get enhanced security after recent malware abuse

Fortinet: New FortiOS bug used as zero-day to attack govt networks

ChatGPT may be a bigger cybersecurity risk than an actual benefit

First-known Dero cryptojacking operation seen targeting Kubernetes

Winter Vivern APT hackers use fake antivirus scans to install malware

Adobe Acrobat Sign abused to push Redline info-stealing malware

New ‘HinataBot’ botnet could launch massive 3.3 Tbps DDoS attacks

Google Pixel flaw allowed recovery of redacted, cropped images

Hackers use new PowerMagic and CommonMagic malware to steal data

Exploit released for Veeam bug allowing cleartext credential theft

OpenAI: ChatGPT payment data leak caused by open-source bug

Microsoft pushes OOB security updates for Windows Snipping tool flaw

New MacStealer macOS malware steals passwords from iCloud Keychain

Microsoft Defender mistakenly tagging URLs as malicious

New AlienFox toolkit steals credentials for 18 cloud services

Winter Vivern hackers exploit Zimbra flaw to steal NATO email

Google Home speakers allowed hackers to snoop on conversations

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