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Proactive Full-Stack Observability (FSO) with Cisco

Applications increasingly leverage components resulting in more complex operating environments. These new challenges are addressed by Cisco’s full-stack observability, software solutions tailored for your needs. 

Observability tools provide insight into the end-user experience and their application’s operational functionalities. They collect and analyze data, user experience, infrastructure, and network telemetry to resolve issues before they impact business KPIs.  

 It’s a process for modern applications that use software tools to detect issues before they become problems through observation of tech stack inputs and outputs.    

 Cisco’s full-stack observability enhances the monitoring and management of complex systems by providing:  

  • Еnd-to-end visibility of the cloud environment, empowering organizations to detect and quickly trace critical issues. 
  • Real-time monitoring allows quick reaction to changes in the workload and resource usage.  
  • Centralized view of the entire environment enabling organizations to monitor risk issues from a single location.  

Visibility into third-party services, so organizations can monitor them along with their own.  


The benefits of full stack observability

What are the benefits of full stack observability and why should an organization deploy such solutions? The three main pillars are:   

  • Increase business impact: Reduce the timeframe between identifying and resolving issues to improve application performance resulting in a better end-user experience.  
  • Process optimization and cost reduction: Configure app dependencies to prevent high costs.  
  • Reduce business risk: Strengthen application security from development to runtime.   

Cisco’s solutions empower full-stack visibility tailored to specific business needs, by syncing multiple domains. It enables businesses to deliver secure digital experiences for both customers and employees. 

Telelink Business Services excellence enabled by Cisco’s FSO

The ability to monitor the entire IT stack is essential for technologists who want to recognize performance issues before they affect the business. TBS can address these challenges using Cisco’s FSO by providing:  

  • Full-stack visibility: build solutions that align IT teams supporting full technology stack. It empowers organizations by gathering and syncing data across multiple domains.  
  • Full-stack insight: transform gathered data into actionable insights enabling teams to quickly identify and prioritize issues with the most significant business impact.  
  • Full-stack action: a recommendation that prioritizes remediations and addresses issues that impact operational performance.   

Cisco FSO Components    

Cisco’s FSO includes different products covering the full scope of business necessities considering specific application structures and business needs.  


ThousandEyes provides a 360-degree view of the hybrid digital ecosystem including cloud and SaaS. The solution combines internet and WAN visibility, browser synthetics, end-user monitoring and internet insights.


AppDynamics accelerates digital transformation including complete visibility, intelligent insights, and automated actions. Optimized visibility reaches all parts of your application system and its dependencies, while intelligent insights focus on the factors that drive business results.  Automated actions are expressed in constant optimization of the application system with technology partnerships.

Cisco AppDynamics Dash Studio with ThousandEyes Internet and Cloud Intelligence:

A custom dashboarding and data visualization tool that correlates application performance with the networks, APIs, and cloud-based services important for your business. 

Cisco Secure Application in AppDynamics :

Security solutions, offered by Cisco Secure, on the Cisco AppDynamics SaaS platform, combine attack mapping with the risk score for business transactions which enables organizations to prioritize responses based on the impact on the users.  

Telelink Business Services uses Cisco’s products to make organizations more resilient against the growing attack surface. Cisco has designed its solutions to help businesses proactively localize risk issues and measure the risk scope. The result is to mitigate vulnerabilities in applications or services with a high-risk factor.  

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